Customs clearance

Dispatch your Import/Export Items quicker, easier and more favorably priced using Atl@s-System.

The use of the Atl@s-system has been since May 2004 mandatory for licensed owners. Implemented in August 2006 for exports it will become compulsory the 1st of July 2009. Let your company benefit of the substantial gain in time and efficiency. Even so, it might represent a considerable investment and ongoing fixed expenses for EDP, software and personnel, if your objective is to implement the Atl@s-system in your company.

The Most Cost-Efficient Option

LSK Logistik & Service Kruse GmbH transacts all Atl@as-system related matters in behalf of your company. We will manage customs related matters for you altogether – that is our service, regardless of the shipments being conveyed as part of our dealings, or otherwise. Thus, drawing advantages from the Atl@s-system without having to deal with its downside.

  • Cut-back and outsourcing of customs expenditure
  • Clearance at all German customs offices
  • Expense savings on payroll
  • Efficient completion by an expert service provider
  • Dependability: Compliance, CSP (Customs Security Program)